how to lose weight at 59

1 Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats found in nuts, lean fish, olive oil and many other tasty products should be a necessary part of your diet in case you’re wondering how to keep your curves when losing weight.

4 Give Belly Dance a Go

Still wondering how to keep your curves when losing weight? Why not give belly dancing a shot? This fun, exotic, totally seductive dance is a perfect exercise routine for the ones who don’t enjoy treadmills, elliptic trainers and weights and will help you strengthen your core muscles, tone your legs, arms and most importantly, your tummy while allowing you to keep all the curves you’re so proud of..

6 Lipocontour Anyone?

Speaking about spot reduction… I kind of lied! There is a way to burn tummy fat without having to sacrifice hips, booty and breasts. It’s called ultrasound cavitation or Lipocontour and is painless, effortless and (surprise, surprise) quite pricy.

7 Monitor Your Body Fat Carefully

Getting lean and fit is all about burning fat and once the fat goes off that unfortunately means all, including the fat tissues you want such as breasts and booty. So, how to keep your curves when losing weight? Well, the trick is to keep some fat on, a very thin layer of it, actually, to cover your muscles and soften up your contours.

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