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Why don't fries make you fat?

Burgers and fries don't make us fat because they have some magical fat-storing property... Instead, it's eating too many calories from burgers and fries that ends up doing damage to our waistline. Fast food was the main culprit that led me to gain 80 pounds of fat in just over a year. No doubt about it.

What is dirty but dinky?

Here's what each entails: Route 1: "Dirty but Dinky" - By going this route, you can still eat traditional higher-calorie fast food options such as cheeseburgers and fries, but in order to keep your calories in check, you'll need to order smaller sizes.

Why is fast food so good?

Fast food tends to contain a lot of calories for less food, which makes it's easy to take in a bunch of extra calories. 2. To your brain, fast food is like winning the food lottery - We are biologically wired to search out high-calorie foods that are sweet, salty, fatty, etc.

What happens if you do something without a plan?

Translation: if you do something without a plan, then you're only increasing the chances of screwing up. Instead of walking into a fast food restaurant and THEN deciding on the best option (while you're simultaneously wafting in delicious french fry aromas), plan ahead by looking up your meal online.

Does Chick Fil A have chicken?

Subway (lots of fresh veggies and lean deli meat) Chick-fil-A (their chicken is lower in calories than most burgers, and it actually tastes like chicken instead of that rubber stuff that other fast food chains pass off as "chicken.") 2. Look Up The Nutrition Before Hand.

Can I lose weight by eating fast food?

But just because fast food is high in calories doesn't mean you have to avoid it entirely... In fact, with a little bit of strategy and moderation, eating fast food can be a convenient way to get in a meal that will help you move closer to your fitness goals. You can lose fat eating fast food!

Can I eat fast food while on a diet?

But just because your can eat fast food while dieting doesn't mean you should be shoving your face with cheeseburger all day...

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