how to lose weight at home without equipment

The Foods I Ate To Lose The Prednisone Moon face!

I went low fat high carb raw vegan while I was on 20mg.

Foods to Avoid while on Prednisone

Foods to AVOID while on Prednisone Dr. Megan the Prednisone Pharmacist. You don’t have to suffer on prednisone without hope. ??.

How she LOST weight while on Prednisone

What’s your prednisone story? Taking prednisone can be a lonely journey when it feels like no one else understands. So I’ve been interviewing Prednisone Warriors for their story of how they’ve succeeded..

How to Lose Weight After a Prednisone Treatment

How to Lose Weight After a Prednisone Treatment. Part of the series: Workout Tips. To lose weight after a low dosage of steroids, you must do cardio to get rid of the water. Increase your potassium levels and reduce your bloating with help from a personal trainer in this free video on workout tips.

Losing Weight After taking Prednisone EP 1

After being diagnosed with still’s disease and taking medication i gained 80lbs after losing 50lbs now I’m back to the old me and going to lose this weight.


Hope these tips help you! I know it sure helped me! God bless you and love yall!!.

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