how to lose weight at home without equipment

Prioritize Protein

Proteins are by far the most essential macro nutrients in your diet. It can help build lean muscle and essential for the body’s function. Unlike carbohydrates more protein is both beneficial and far better for your eating habits. Protein is especially good in the morning.

Soda, Alcohol, and other Empty Drinks

Lots of people at 55 that think they eat healthy and get a respectable amount of exercise still struggle to lose weight because of juice, alcohol and soda. Many of these drinks provide no nutritional value, and are essential empty calories. A glass of wine or a mixed drink can often contain 230 – 310 calories.

Water and Hydration

Regarding drinks, water is essentially the most important and often looked over. Drinking water before and throughout meals will help you feel full which means you eat less. One trick is to drink 1 – 2 glasses of water before your meal to help yourself full.

Sleeping To Weight

As we grow older more responsibilities whether it be at home, work or at school can frequently lead to more stress and less sleep. Sleep is critical function of helping your overall well being while also helping with your metabolic function.

Exercise – Cardio and Weights

With how busy life can be when you’re 55, exercising regularly can be difficult. It’s essential that you try to get at least 20 – 30 minutes of some sort of physical exercise in at least 3 – 4 days a week. A mix of cardio and weight lifting tends to make the biggest difference to your weight loss and to your aging.

High Intensity Workouts and Interval Training

If you want to get a good sweat in but don’t have the time, try some high intensity interval training. Basically short bursts of exercise without too much rest in between sessions. It will get your heart rate pumping, blood flowing, and your body to blast fat. Here’s one particular great HIIT routine:


Finding friends especially ones that are also 55 are a great way to get motivated for weight loss. With life, work, sometimes kids and many other things that can get in the way, spending time with friends is valuable – doing it through some sort of physical activity is invaluable.

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