So when you lose weight,the fat cells you have get smaller,each cell holding less fat,and when you gain weight they get bigger.. Most women,says Dr. March,tend to have most of their weight in the lower part of their body,so that's where you'll probabRead More →

What foods to avoid when trying to lose weight?
Which foods to avoid when trying to lose weightSugary beverages. Fruit juices can have high sugar contents. ...Baked foods. Baked foods,such as cookies,pastries,and many premade desserts,are often Read More →

21 grams
The average weight loss upon death appeared to be21 grams. All five doctors took their own measurements and compared their results. Not all the patients lost the same weight,but they did lose something that could not be accounted for.
WhatRead More →

Oatmeal is high in resistant starch ( See green bananas below for how this helps you lose weight)Oatmeal keeps you full or satisfied longer than any other breakfast cereal.Oatmeal is high in fiber that research has shown to reduce belly fatMore itemsRead More →