Does lifting weights really cause weight gain?
Weight training can cause weight gain due to an increase in muscle mass. If you strength train regularly and improve your fitness level, your weight on the scale may increase while your body fat peRead More →

Reproductive hormones
Reproductive hormonescan be a reason why you are losing inches but not weight and indeed,these hormones have a big impact on how much water you preserve,and they’re also responsible for a lot of the weight changes you experienRead More →

What are the best exercises to lose weight?
The 8 Best Exercises for Weight LossWalking. Walking is one of the best exercises for weight loss — and for good reason. ...Jogging or running. Jogging and running are great exercises to help you loseRead More →

Rosen explains that due to irregular insulin levels caused by abdominal fat, alow-glycemic diethas been proven to be most beneficial for weight loss for an apple body shape because it will work to decrease inflammation and help burn fat.
How to loseRead More →

How to Lose Fat Without Gaining MuscleCardio Cardio or aerobics are exercises that get your heart rate up. ...Strength Training You might want to set those weights aside if gaining muscle is not your goal. ...Calorie Deficit Counting calories can be Read More →

What are the reasons for not losing weight?
Reasons for not losing weight on a keto dietNot achieving ketosis Share on Pinterest A person on the keto diet should try to make carbs only 5–10% of their calorie intake. ...Eating too much protein MRead More →