What is the best laxative for weight loss?
Top 10 best laxatives for weight loss#1. Huntington Psyllium Husk Natural Laxative. ...#2. Dr. ...#3. Herbal Laxative Supplement and Colon Detox for Constipation and Weight Loss. ...#4. Health Plus 10-Read More →

webmd.comImage: webmd.comStool softeners, such as docusate sodium (Colace), add water and fat to your stool. The overall effect is similar to osmotic and bulk-forming laxatives. Do laxatives make you lose weight? Many people think laxatives can help Read More →

Always drink lots of waterwhen using laxatives Laxatives can cause the stomach to contract and expand in order to break down food and when it does this, moisture and hydration are absorbed. Always drink lots of water if use laxatives to lose weight.
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